How To Paraphrase To Avoid Plagiarism

How to make a text unique: 5 tips

Every day, students are faced with checking the anti-plagiarism in the university, so today the question of how to make the text unique, many are interested.

There is a lot of material on the Internet on this subject, but it is hard to understand, most of the proposed methods are no longer relevant and are not able to increase the uniqueness of the text in 2021.

We have tested many different techniques, and selected the best ways to increase the uniqueness of the text, about which now and tell.

How to make the text unique? Tip 1.

So, to make the text unique for anti-plagiarism, to begin with, you should choose the tactic of increasing, namely, how will you try to increase the percentage yourself or order coding on the Internet?

Of course, it’s much easier to order a percentage boost, and besides, modern technology allows you to do it quickly and safely, but every student wants to save money, so many try to raise the uniqueness on their own, and only then, if they fail, they turn to professionals. So let’s still dwell on free methods of improving anti-plagiarism, and about the paid, we will tell at the end of the article.

Eliminate methods that don’t work – Tip 2

It is not necessary to start raising the percentage with its direct increase, to begin with, you need to get a basic understanding of what is anti-plagiarism, what methods exist and which no longer work.

The mistake many people make is choosing the wrong path. They read on the Internet ridiculous articles, which say that to make the text unique for anti-plagiarism helps to replace the letters in Greek.

As a result, the student loses an hour, or even two, to carry out this replacement procedure, and yet does not achieve any result, because this method does not work for several years.

By inexperience, you will not only lose time, but also ruin the text. After all, when you replace the letters, all sentences will be underlined with a red line, which is sure to arouse the suspicion of the examiner.

So our advice is this, never use the old methods of increasing the uniqueness of the text, and for this, you need to know about them and have an idea.

3 methods that won’t help raise originality

So let’s list the methods that will not help you raise the percentage of originality:

1) Replacing letters;
2) Replacing Greek letters;
3) Using hidden text and hidden characters;

Each of the above methods really helped a few years ago, but not today, in 2021, anti-plagiarism has long since eliminated these “bugs” in its program through updates.

Using the old methods can indicate that the document is “suspicious”, there will be a notice in the anti-plagiarism, which will directly indicate to the teacher the use of dishonest circumvention methods.

Make your text unique for anti-plagiarism quickly and for free – Tip 3

So advice number 3, to make the text unique for anti-plagiarism quickly and for free, you can apply one trick, a loophole.

How does it work? To do this, the text with a low level of uniqueness is copied and transferred to one of the online translation systems, the most famous offers Google.

Next, this text is repeatedly translated from one language to another, for example, from French to German, from German to Ukrainian, and in the end, you must make a final translation into the English alphabet.

Now, you can safely check the text for uniqueness, the percentage will be much higher than the original.

However, keep in mind that sentences will be slightly spoiled, namely, some endings will be written incorrectly. It is also possible that in some places there will be untranslated words. You will need to double-check the entire document and make the appropriate edits.

However, even so, the translator’s method is really worthy of respect and greatly reduces the time it takes to raise the anti-plagiarism test.

Make your text unique: the retelling method – Tip 4

This method helps to make the text unique, but it will not suit the lazy and those who want to get the result instantly.

The advantage of the retelling method is that you can easily download ready-made term papers (or thesis) from the Internet and work with a zero uniqueness.

How does it all happen?

So, you have a term paper consisting of 30 pages with a uniqueness of 0%, and it seems that the situation is stalemate, but this is not so.

To increase the uniqueness, you can use the method of retelling, and for this, proceed as follows.

Read the first paragraph of coursework 2 times (for example, paragraph 1.1).

Next, we close the text and begin to write everything you remembered from memory, as an account.

Outline all you remember, let it seem to you nonsense, you need to write, write and write.

Excellent result would be if you set out three sheets, 1.5-2 pages. Yes, the volume will be less, but it will be truly unique and show a high percentage in the anti-plagiarism.

As soon as you finish typing by memory of the last sentence, go to the correction of errors, as spelling and semantic.

This method guarantees a high uniqueness in the anti-plagiarism, but students are very often simply too lazy to use it.

In fact, for 1 paragraph will take no more than 30-40 minutes. It is not difficult to calculate that the term paper of 6 paragraphs (2 chapters to 3 paragraphs) you will have no more than 5-6 hours. Is it much? Of course not.

Increase originality with the “shingle” method – tip 5

Increasing uniqueness by the “shingle” method is a very popular method used by many professional copywriters and rewriters.

Many people think that Shingle, this is the last name of a certain scientist, of course this is not true.

Shingle – a specific algorithm, and by the example of anti-plagiarism, this method of checking the text, based on an analysis and comparison of the text checked for every 2 and 3 words.

Let’s explain it to you in simple words and by example. For example, you have a text and you upload it to the anti-plagiarism, to find out the percentage of originality.

What does anti-plagiarism? It starts looking for matches of your material, with other numerous sentences and phrases on the Internet.

However, to see if your text has similarities, anti-plagiarism does not check every word, but only every third word in the sentence.

Thus, if you want to make your text original to anti-plagiarism, you need to outsmart the shingle step.

There is a proven way to do this. You need, after every second word in the sentence, to insert a new word, or better yet, 2 new words. Naturally, these words must fit the meaning.

These actions you bypass the shingle pitch, increase the volume of the document (number of sheets) and make it unique to anti-plagiarism.

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