What Is An Essay And How To write One Yourself

The essay is one of the most unusual assignments teachers give students. The fact is that it is the most creative assignment, which involves expressing your own thoughts and experiences about the posed problem or questions.

In this article, you will learn what types of essays there are, how they are classified. We will explain how to write an essay yourself. We will provide step-by-step instructions that will help you prepare your work faster. Read to the end – and we will show you an example of a perfect essay.

What is an essay?

The question of what an essay is can be answered in different ways.

On the one hand, an essay is a work of fiction, which reveals the author’s individual reflection on a particular problem. For example, many writers have used the essay genre to publish their own opinion on some political situation, etc. This gives the right to express their assessment in a veiled way, using different means of expressiveness of the word.

The essay is often assigned at school in the form of a small essay-explanation about some problem. Often in lessons on literature students in one piece of paper to express their attitude to the problem posed in this or that read work.

At university, the picture is similar. However, here it is important not only to express their attitudes and judgments about a topic, but also to support their position with some arguments.

Teachers often assign essays in order to conduct a kind of quiz on the passed topic. How well the students have understood the material and whether they will be able to answer correctly on the exam.

Thus, the task of the university essay is to show that the student has assimilated the information, processed it independently and is now ready to express his/her personal understanding.

How is an Essay different from an article?

To understand how to write an essay yourself, you need first of all to determine what its peculiarities are. For example, an article is very similar to an essay, but are they the same? An essay differs from an article according to several criteria.

First, the writing style may not necessarily be scholarly or bookish. An essay allows the use of a conversational style in the blotches in the text. Terminology may be absent from the essay altogether. Whereas an article must necessarily use terms, concepts and categories as often as possible.

A scientific article is distinguished by the investigation of a scientific problem. The student should highlight the problem he/she has chosen, show the subject of his/her research and draw conclusions. In an essay, it is not necessary to deepen the problem. It is only necessary to tell about his thoughts and impressions on some occasion.

For example, an article is always a definite answer to a question about some object.

An essay is just a reasoning and a process of diving into an object in order to define it, i.e. there are no definite answers here.

The topics of an essay and an article are almost indistinguishable, but the text when writing will be completely different. In an essay, you need to express the subjectivity of your views, i.e. to show your “self”, while in an article, you need to be as objective as possible and explore the subject using scientific methods.

Thus, to write an essay, you need to think about the topic, develop your opinion and then express it on a piece of paper.

What types of essays are there? Classification

The essay has its own classification. Let’s find out what types this literary genre is divided into.

Essay-descriptive essay.

Such an essay helps to make sense of a person’s perception of a subject. You describe external features or internal qualities, a characteristic without going into analysis or criticism.

Narrative essay.

It is a kind of story in which you vividly express your evaluation. You need to be constantly replaying some kind of action. It could be a narrative of an incident that happened, a short biography of a person, or something else. You need to identify a problem or conflict and then express your opinion.

Essay Classification.

This is your own subjective allocation of any kinds, categories, types, etc. They are based on the author’s own preferences. For example, it may be any rating of subjects. The main thing is that each highlighted type is justified.

Comparison essay.

You need to compare two subjects, identify common and different features between them and explain your opinion.

Argumentation essay.

Here, it should not be a simple reasoning, for example, from the general to the particular, but exactly the proof of the theses put forward at the beginning of the paper.


The same as the essay-argumentation, only instead of words and logical arguments, you have to pick up visual examples. These can be life examples that happened in your life or in the lives of your friends, or it can be a well-known fact, etc.

Causal Analysis.

Here you have to build a logical chain that shows how you reason and why you reason that way. To be clear: if you take the topic “Construction of a plant that emits harmful substances, in the city,” then you must give the facts, where did you get that harmful elements are emitted, why you decided so, do you have any examples of how they affect the human body, etc. At the same time, no one forbids you to express your negative attitude.

Thus, we have told you about all kinds of essays. Now you know exactly which type you should choose in order to write your paper correctly.

The main features and attributes of the Essay

Let’s continue to sort out what an essay is. We can say that the main features and signs of an essay are subjectivity of views, expression of the author’s attitude to the subject and brevity. However, let’s take a closer look at what is the peculiarity of this genre.

It should be said that as a genre essay appeared quite a long time ago. The term was coined by the writer Michel Montaigne in his treatise “Essays” in the 16th century. The genre is still popular with critics, writers, journalists. Also, students like writing essays more than doing lab assignments or writing an essay. After all, it is quite an easy creative assignment.

Small volume of text

The volume of the essay is really small. In total, the number of pages in the document should not exceed 10. The whole optimal volume is distributed in this way:

The introduction includes from half to 1 whole page

The main content is 3 to 5 pages

The conclusion takes from half to 1 whole page.

Also included in these 10 pages should be a title page and a list of references, if any.

One chosen research problem

In order to write an essay, you need to choose a problem. A research problem is too serious a formulation. The problem is usually researched in a paper, term paper, diploma, and other research papers. An essay is a literary genre that cannot refer only to the scientific field.

Therefore, not only a research problem, but also some situation, biography, critical question, etc. can be chosen for an essay.

The main condition may be that only one topic should be chosen.

Simplicity of narrative.

When we answered the question of what an essay is, we noted the simplicity of the narrative. So what does that mean? Is it possible to write in a student paper the same way you talk on the street?

Not really. You can simplify your syllable and use colloquial words, of course, without foul language and slang.

Express your emotions, your attitudes, your thoughts with expressive means, such as epithets (beautiful, crazy, sickening, etc.), metaphors, comparisons, etc.

Simply put, no one will scold you for the lack of scientific terms and concepts. So you don’t need to come up with anything special.

How to write an essay yourself – step by step instructions

Now that we’ve learned what an essay is, let’s figure out how to write it correctly. The whole presents the following:

  • First, you state in a thesis statement your thoughts and evaluation on a given topic
  • Then you prove them in the main content
  • You conclude with a summary.

We will provide step-by-step instructions.

The introductory part

What is the introductory part of the essay? Here, as in any other text, it is necessary to give a brief description of the subject of the discussion. It is not customary to start the argument with arguments. It is necessary to introduce the reader into the matter, explain from which side the problem will be considered and make it clear in advance what point of view the author will defend.

In an essay, it is important to stick to one point of view from the beginning to the end.

You can write the introductory part in the form of questions asked, or a comparison of different subjects.

This way, you can quickly develop your reasoning and lead up to the main point.


Self-writing an essay obliges you to use only relevant topics and examples. If you order or buy a paper online, you may be sent an outdated version. Then the reader will immediately notice that the information is long out of date.

Therefore, select such arguments that have contemporary value, or are very important to the disclosure of your topic.

Relevance is the importance, usefulness and modernity. Keep these criteria in mind as you prepare evidence for your beliefs and words.

Body of the essay: Arguments, talking points, author examples

So, how to write the main most important part of the essay. Writing arguments, giving examples in defense of your thesis statement is not difficult. You can easily state your idea in simple language. Bring it to the reader an adequate comprehensible thought.

The main thing is to give examples on the topic, without making long arguments. Concrete and precise arguments will help you explain your position and show the degree of understanding of the whole problem.

We advise you to use as often as possible breakdown into paragraphs. This will make it easier to read the text.

In this way, you will be able to quickly write the main content of the essay.


In the conclusion, summarize everything and say that you were able to prove the thesis statement in the introduction of the essay.

What percentage of uniqueness should an essay have?

The percentage of uniqueness of the essay must be high. An index of more than 90% is accepted. This is due to the fact that the essay is quite a creative work, which obliges you to write the text yourself.

After all, in this work you need to tell specifically your thoughts, your reasoning and give your assessment on the topic. There are cases when the teacher, for example, interrogates the student about the thesis given in the essay. If the student can’t explain the thesis statement, give arguments, then it is immediately clear that the text has been downloaded.

Therefore, if you have any problems with essay writing, and you have downloaded a ready-made version, we recommend that you increase the uniqueness of the text and reread the work several times.

That way, you will definitely be able to write and pass the essay on the excellent.

How to increase the originality of the essay?

There is one last question left. Let’s answer here how to increase the originality of the essay, briefly.

Let’s choose the most effective and reliable way.

The rewrite method. It includes several techniques that will help transform the text beyond recognition.

You need to replace almost all the words on synonyms. Use an online dictionary to choose from several dozen options. You can also use a synonymizer on the free web. This is a special program that will change your text in a few seconds.

Be sure to read the result. The free program usually makes a lot of mistakes, which you need to correct yourself.

You also need to reduce the amount of plagiarism in the text and add your own thoughts and reasoning. Or rephrase the borrowings in your own words.

This method will require you to rewrite the essay from the beginning. However, you will have a ready-made idea. All you have to do is put it in your own language.


Let’s summarize. Today we have considered with you what an essay is and how to write it yourself. It is not difficult work, it is important only to understand the essence of the topic and to develop your own assessment and opinion. If you find it difficult to express your judgment, you can use the help of the Internet. Only after that, be sure to use our methods of increasing originality. We wish you good luck.

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